About the Product

All our pieces are Plasma cut out of thicker Bare 2mm steel plate

We cut all our Pieces in bare plain steel to keep the prices real and affordable.

You can let them rust up for an old effect by getting them wet and nature will do the rest ,Table salt and water in a trigger bottle sprayed on will speed this process as it can take some time. The rust will darken up with time 


You can paint them or you can get them powder coated a custom colour you want to suit your decor, We don't proved this service,There's Powder coaters all around NZ that will do this at a very reasonable price , 

Painting ,

You can use a Spray can paint easily to coat and seal these up for the weather, Satin colours are best, applied paint in very light coats with allowed drying between is key, Your local DIY shops can point you in the right direction for the spay paint products that will work the best  (you can find paint and primers in the one Spray can these days )

If you keep them dry they should stay looking as is. But with moisture in the air they will naturally blemish and rust over time. 

The Bare steel is 2mm Hot rolled which is a good thick product. We use this for all our products ,

We do get the best quality you can get in NZ but none is without imperfections, Some discolorations are to be expected and slight corrosion is always present , this is something hard to show with photos ,as the steel reflects light so well, 

sometimes the photos on the website have different lighting and make them look silver or even blackish but they are the same material

All cut lines on our Products are not perfect with the cutting process, this is normal for a Plasma cutting machine, as lines can wiggle slightly and where the machine starts and stops there's always a bump, The backs are always not as tidy but to an ok standard for something thats not ever seen.

But they still look great and we have always got great feed back on all our items, 

We have tried to show this the best we can  in these pic below .